Learn to launch (or re-launch) Planning Center in your ministry.

Without struggling to get your team on board or feeling like you are making it up as you go.


When you sign-up, you will get 30 days of access to the Move to PCO mini-course for FREE.

Hey Planning Center friends, my name is Brandon Maddux. I'm a ministry nerd who has spent years learning everything I can about Planning Center, putting it into practice in ministry, and training ministry leaders around the country.

My first attempt to launch Planning Center in my ministry completely flopped. Eventually, we successfully launched Planning Center in our whole church and the results were huge. It helped streamline our processes and save our team hours of time every week.

In this mini-course, not only do I share how you can avoid making the same mistakes that I made the first time around, but I also give you a clear plan on how to move to Planning Center in your church.

I have taken over seven years of trial and error, overseeing the migration process at my church and helping other churches, training staff at churches across the country, and implementing it in my own ministry and poured that into my courses so that you can make the most of this tool and spend more time focused on the parts of ministry that you love most.


What's Included in the Mini-Course?

In addition to the five videos that walk you through each phase of the migration process, this mini-course also includes:

Customizable Gantt Chart

Ministry Leaders use this chart to plan out their transition to Planning Center, assign who is responsible for each step and develop a plan.

The Ultimate Checklist for Moving to Planning Center

This checklist is designed around the three phases of moving to Planning Center that are outlined in the course.

Clear Timeline for Migrating

The migration timeline will outline exactly how long you can expect each part of the process to take and what steps are involved


When you sign-up, you will get 30 days of access to the Move to PCO mini-course for FREE.

Got Some Logistical Questions?


⮕ Why would you give the course away for free?
Launching Planning Center in our church and learning how to use it inside and out easily saved me 3+ hours every week. If you have a team of 13 people that is the equivalent of adding an additional full-time staff member to your team. I benefitted greatly from Planning Center and so I want to help other churches benefit from this tool.

⮕ Will this course help us switch to another Church Management System other than Planning Center?
While the course is designed for switching to Planning Center, the concepts in the course could apply to moving pretty much any tool.

⮕ How long do I get access?
You will get access to the course for 30-days.

⮕ Do you offer paid courses?
Yes, I do offer a complete course on Planning Center and as you take this course I will send you a special offer for it.

⮕ Is there support available if we have questions?
Since this is a free course, I'm not able to offer support (obviously, that would get crazy time-consuming). Our paid courses have a private community where I am personally answering questions.

 ⮕ How do I contact you with a business inquiry?
If you have any business inquires or questions about our paid courses, feel free to reach out to me here: [email protected]