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Do you recommend Planning Center University?

Absolutely. If you don't know what Planning Center University is, you should check it out. It is a series of 30+ minute "flyover" videos created by Planning Center that do a great job covering what Planning Center does.

Our course is an 80+ video course that is easy to follow along with and takes you step-by-step through using Planning Center. Planning Center Made Easy goes beyond teaching you what it does, but also teaches how to make the most of it. Throughout our bite-sized videos and helpful downloadable PDFs you will hear practical examples, tips and tricks, and best practices that ministry leaders are finding success with.

Here is some of the feedback we have received from students who have gone through both:

"The purchase of your videos has been a lifesaver!  I have learned more about PCO since purchasing those than I’ve been able to learn in the past few months as I tried to learn it while still doing my regular jobs at the church.... I love the way you do short demos by topic that we can rewind and watch if we have questions, and that we have a dummy account we can experiment with.  It’s a great way to learn!  Yes, I have watched all of the PCO University videos, but your bite-sized ones have been much more effective for me."
- Dorothy, Course Member

"We had a staff member purchase your "Planning Center Made Easy" course and it was super helpful. This staff member is generally tech-savvy and watched Planning Center University, but for some reason things were just not clicking for her. She said this made all the difference. Thank you!"
- Rachel, on staff with a Course Member

Can I purchase this for my whole team?

Each license for the course is designed for one-user and that cannot be transferred. However, we would love to help you purchase memberships for your whole staff. If you will be purchasing more than 3 licenses, send us an email and I will get you a discount: brandon@ministrynerds.com

Do you offer consulting services?

Generally, I find that most churches don't need to hire a consultant. They need someone on their team to become the "Planning Center Champion" and dive all-in learning how to use this. Our course can help make this process easy, we can help you learn how to use Planning Center in 10 Days or Less. Learn more here.

If you think that your churches situation would benefit from a consultant, you can reach out to us here to discuss your needs: brandon@ministrynerds.com

Why do you love Planning Center?

When I learned how to make the most of Planning Center, it saved me over three hours every week. It is designed in an incredibly user-friendly, flexible, and intentional way allowing you automate many tasks that would have consumed time on other platforms.

To put it simply, at this time I have found no other platform on the market that is as powerful and user-friendly of a tool as Planning Center. In my experience, it's unmatched and unrivaled. I have seen mega-churches, small town-churches, church plants, and house-church networks all use this same tool with great success.

The best way to learn the benefits of Planning Center is by diving into our course.

Do you do in-person trainings?

Yes, I would be happy to set-up an in-person training for your staff. My favorite strategy is to do an in-person training that peaks your teams curiosity for what's possible with Planning Center and then provide them with a membership to our Planning Center tutorials to keep learning.

Feel free to email me to discuss this possibility: brandon@ministrynerds.com

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