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Save time with our course on Planning Center.

In our step-by-step courses you will discover not only what Planning Center does, but also learn how to make the most of it in your specific ministry. We will teach you the exact best practices, strategies and tips and tricks that have helped ministry leaders get organized and save hours of time every week.

Planning Center Tutorial Videos

Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos

Learn how to confidently use Planning Center in your ministry with 90+ training videos that are easy to follow along with. We have intentionally made these videos as focused as possible to save you time. These videos include practical examples, best practices, and tips and tricks all along the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Center Lists

Downloadable PDFs

We want to help you overcome hurdles and start using Planning Center like a pro right from the start. As a result, we have created numerous PDFs that help kickstart your journey with Planning Center.

Private Course Community

Interactive Community

Have questions? Need feedback? You can go beyond our on-demand videos and participate in our active community of like-minded ministry leaders. In this community leaders are sharing resources that they have created and

The ultimate checklist for moving to Planning Center

Free Resources

I'm all about mobilizing leaders to make disciples, that's why I create free resources that are designed to help save you time. Even if you never buy one of our courses, but you save time and spend more of your time making disciples then it's a win in my book.

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You've done an amazing thing here and I know it's going to bless a lot of ministries...including mine!

Tate Harison - Course Member
Tate Harison
Family Pastor, FiveStone Community Church